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November 18, 2011


We're so glad you are here!  Are you looking to dress up your blog?  If so, you came to the right place!  We do sweet and simple blog designs to make your blog stand out!

We are just getting set up right now, but while we are you can check out some of our freebies and $5 Premades and Custom Blog Design Services.  We will soon be offering Semi-Custom blog designs.  With these you will get to pick out some aspects of your blog and then we will do the rest.  This will make the process much faster for both of us so you will have your new blog up as soon as possible!

Please become a follower on our blog or on Facebook (or both!) to get the latest updates from Livi and Me Blog Designs.  You don't want to miss a freebie or a new design!

Thanks for stopping by!


URBakin'MeCrazyy said...

I have a question...
Do you make siggys? Like the little thing that says Meggs after everyone of my posts?

Livi and Me Blog Design said...

I do! I just sent you and email!

URBakin'MeCrazyy said...

I absolutely LOVE the siggy you made for me! It's perfect.
Thanksss (:
Megan (:

Mustika Hayati said...

nice blog!
maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)

aparna john said...

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