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Here is a simple little tutorial about how to install one of my Premade Templates in Blogger.

1.  Log into your blogger account (or create one).
2.  From your Dashboard select DESIGN under the blog you want to upload the template to.
3.  From the design screen, select "Edit HTML".
4.  Then I would suggest that you download your template onto your computer in case something would          happen to go wrong so that you don't lose anything.  I would also suggest that you make sure you have all the information for any widgets that you want to make sure that you don't want to lose...just to be on the safe side!
5.  Then click on browse...  and find the template you just downloaded from me and click open and it will put it in the box to the left of browse.  
6.  Click on Upload.
7.  Below a widget box will probably come up asking if you want to keep your widgets, select KEEP WIDGETS.
8.  Click on Preview and see if everything looks good!
9.  Save Template if everything looks fabulous!  
10.  Go admire your beautiful new blog!  :)

Any other questions?  Please ask!